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        Steel Coil Cut to Length Line

        The steel market in the present scenario has made a shift from simply selling steel to selling customized steel solutions. Quality is no longer a sufficient differentiator but a necessary attribute. Manufacturers are now looking to reduce inventory holding and processing costs, wanting customized solutions and looking for Just In Time Supplies (JIT). They now prefer buying steel in custom sizes (Steel Coil Cut to Length Line) rather than the conventional sheets and coils.

        In order to cater to these requirements we have our Service Centers set up in Dubai & Ajman having state of the art technology to help in creating tailor made steel supply solutions for you. Backed up by a young and responsive team working round the clock, and our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to meet the tightest of deadlines.

        We simply bridge the gap between the mills and the end users, thereby adding value to what the mills have to offer and giving the customer what they really want

        Equipped with state of the art IGBT Technology, our fully automatic coil cut to length line helps not only to achieve high production rates but also ensures superior quality. This versatile line performs various functions like de coiling, leveling, shearing and stacking.



Hot Rolled, Cold Rolled, Galvanized, Pre Painted Galvanized ,Stainless Steel, Aluminum


0.14 mm to 12 mm


Up to 2000 mm

Coil I.D

450 mm – 800 mm

Max. Coil Weight



Up to 6000 mm

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