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What’s Steel Culvert Pipe

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        In the past, the culvert of highway engineering is generally made of reinforced concrete. Recently, steel corrugated culvert has been gradually replaced by reinforced concrete in highway construction with its advantages of stable performance, convenient transportation, environmental protection and low cost. Generally, threaded steel bellows used for corrugated steel pipe culvert is buried under a highway or railroad, a circular corrugated steel pipe is made of corrugated metal sheet or made of semicircle corrugated steel sheet, which is widely used in highway, railway, small bridge, passage, retaining wall and various mine and roadway retaining wall support projects.

        Compared with reinforced concrete pipe culvert, corrugated pipe culvert has very high strength. Its unique corrugated structure makes it 15 times more compressive strength than cement pipe with the same diameter, but its weight is only 1/10 to 1/5 of that of cement pipe with the same diameter. Steel corrugated pipe is generally treated by hot-dip galvanizedprocess and its service life can be extended as long as 80-100 years. When used in corrosive environment, the leach coating on the internal and external surface can increase the original service lifetime by more than 20 years.

        The base plate of steel culvert pipe:

        Steel plate material: Q235, SS400 hot rolled steel plate;

        Thickness of steel plate: 2mm - 8mm;

        Fill height: 1.5m - 60m;

        Outer diameter: 0.5 m - 12 m;

        Wave form parameters: P (wave distance) * D (wave depth)

        150*25, 200*55, 150*50, 150*65, 300*110, 400*180 mm;

        Anticorrosive treatment: hot-dip galvanizing is greater than or equal to 84um;

        Secondary anti-corrosion (asphalt coating);

        Pressure level: 0.1-6.0 Mpa.

        Features of steel culvert pipe:

        1. Low cost. Its production is not affected by the environment and has a short production cycle.The actual cost of the project is similar or lower than the same span bridge or culvert.

        2. Convenient transportation and installation. No need to use large equipment.

        3. The construction period is short. Civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be carried out separately.

        4. Adaptable. To solve the problem of damage to concrete structures of Bridges and culverts in cold areas (frost).

        5. Environmental protection.Reduce or abandon the use of conventional building materials such as cement, yellow sand, gravel and wood.

        6. Strong resistance to deformation.The metal corrugated culvert structure has uniform load, and lower requirement for bearing capacity and flatness of foundation.

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