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What’s P235GH Material

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        Material P235GH is non-alloy steel defined in the EN 10028and EN10216 system. It offers good plasticity, toughness, cold bending and welding propertieseven under high temperature. The letter"P" means "weldable", "G" means "softened annealed" and "H" means "hardened". Compared with material P265GH, the P235GH have similar chemical compositionbut the lower content of Carbonand higher content of Manganese. P235GH steel has lower yield and tensile strength compared with P265GH.

        EN 10216and EN 10028 series specified respectivelyseamless steel tubesand plates for pressure purposes.EN 10216 Part 2specified thenon alloy and alloy steel tubes with specified elevated temperature propertieswhile EN10028 part 2 specified thenon alloy and alloy steel plates with specified elevated temperature properties. P235GH plate is the designation flat alloy in the European standard, also referred to as A285 grade C steel in ASTM A285 / A285M standard.The P235GH seamless tubeand P235GHplatesaremainly for pressure purposesuch as the manufacturingof boilers and heat exchangers, steam tubes and pressurevessels.

        P235GH materialis typically available in the market in different treated condition including the normalized condition.The available forms of P235GH steels in the industrial marketincluding:Steel Plates and Sheets, Tubes and Pipes, Billets, Forged Rings and Blocksand so on. The corresponding standards in different countries are:

        EN 10216-2 P235GH / DIN 17175 St 35.8

        ASTM A285 Grade C/ DIN 1.0345/JIS SB410

        P235GHchemical composition:



















        P235GHmechanical properties:


Tensile strengthRm

Yield strengthYS

Enlongation A(%)


350 - 480 MPaat 20 °C

185 - 235 MPaat 20 °C


        P235GH supplies a wide range of applications such as process utilities in chemical industries, power stations, and shipping, instruments and processing utilities in fertilizer and food industries.

        DIN EN10216 P235GH steel pipe is mainly used for high pressurepipeline of boiler.LINKUN STEEL provides P235GH boiler tubes and tubes in various sizes and specifications and also supplyP235GH steelplatesin largeamount. If you are looking for this material, please contact us or get a quotation!

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